The Devil`s Concubine (zartherbes) wrote in richardroxburgh,
The Devil`s Concubine


This is slightly OT-ish, but I need your attention now. I´m giving up
"", Richard´s fanpage. I realize I don´t spend as much
time and dedication for this site´s maintainance than I do for
"Hollow": It just isn´t my "Baby" like

So I want to ask if anyone here would feel up to adopt the fanpage? You
could keep the layout and all, you just would need the webspace and a
couple bucks for the domain (very low pricing, so don´t worry)

Please send me a PM or a mail at immortalitas{at} for
detailed info, if I stirred your interest.

If no one will be found for the fansite´s maintainance, I will close it.
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